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BoaCompra’s Payout solution: the best option for your business
Doing business in Brazil? Do it all better, faster and in local currency with our payout solutions. Understand what are BoaCompra's advantages right now.
BoaCompra’s Payout solution: the best option for your business

Making single or mass payouts to Brazilians? Do it better, faster, and in local currency with our payout solution

A broad market, highly connected to trends and increasingly digital: these are just some of the characteristics of Brazil that are attracting a growing number of companies from abroad to do business here. From service apps, streaming platforms, freelancer services, and online learning, the options do not stop growing. In this context, to ensure speed, convenience, and clarity in transactions, it is ideal to have a partner that makes the payout process more efficient and simple for merchants. That is where BoaCompra’s technology comes in.

In order to take advantage of the wide offer of professionals and services in the country, it is important to have effective and secure solutions to pay service providers, such as payout. This solution, in essence, is a way for companies abroad to remit capital to their suppliers and partners in local currency (Brazilian Reais). This brings great advantages, such as more clarity in relation to the values practiced, shielding against exchange rate fluctuation, less tax bureaucracy, and more agility in the payment.

BoaCompra Payout Solution brings special benefits to payers and payees that can make the difference in your business, offering single or mass payouts to Brazilians in local currency, instant transfer, easy access to payees, uncomplicated cross-border operations, among many other benefits.

How to improve your payout process with BoaCompra

BoaCompra Payout is a disruptive and innovative solution, faster and more modern compared to traditional processes that take a long time and have several taxes. It offers a complete API solution which allows global companies to send instant payments to Brazilians. Instead of waiting for several days to have payments cleared, businesses around the world can instantly send payments in local currency within minutes and without traditional bank fees. This is advantageous for both payers and payees, optimizing not only your payouts, but strengthening your relationship with the service providers that are so important to your company.

This solution is largely effective and reliable because it is done through PagBank digital account, in a simple process: 

  • 1 – Payees download the superapp “PagBank – PagSeguro”.
  • 2 – Create an account. 
  • 3 – Enter personal data. 
  • 4 – Send document pictures: two pictures of the national ID card, as well as a selfie holding the same document. 
  • 5 – Payees can now receive instant payouts in their local currency.

In other words: it is a specialized solution, designed and idealized to help overcome the challenges of companies in this sector, currently with more than 7,6 million active merchants and over 11,2 million active users in Brazil.

Check out what else BoaCompra’s Payout Solution can bring to your business:

Free of traditional banking fees

The process is done through free digital accounts and this reduces your cost per transaction. Therefore, you will afford only the transaction fee and local partners will not have any additional costs.

Individual or mass payouts in Brazil

The solution allows companies to send as many payouts as necessary in a simple and effortless way for service providers and professionals in Brazil.

Instant transfers in local currency

Local partners receive their money within minutes after the request at their PagBank free digital account in Brazilian Reais, with maximum security.

High level of compliance

BoaCompra and PagBank’s operations are regulated in accordance with the Brazilian Central Bank and both companies are PCI DSS compliance certified, which guarantees the implementation of stringent data protection measures with frequent network monitoring and testing to detect failures and fraud.

Easy access to payees via PagBank

As one of the most popular digital banks in Brazil, with free digital accounts and 100% online onboarding process, it is very likely that your Brazilian partner is already our client and if he is not, he can open an account in less than three minutes, reducing payout complexity and hassle.

Additional benefits for your partners and service providers

As part of PagBank PagSeguro, BoaCompra uses PagBank’s free digital account in payout operations, enabling the companies’ payees to enjoy the account’s benefits. 

Efficient and uncomplicated cross-border operation

With more than 15 years of experience in LATAM, BoaCompra is expert in handling cross-border transfers, removing complexities and any obstacles to international payments.

Disruptive payout experience

Created for an increasingly digital audience, BoaCompra’s payout model offers a cost-effective operation for the merchant and no bureaucracies of traditional banks for their recipients. 

All this is available to your business through a simple, intuitive and functional process:

  • 1- Contact our sales team to start operating with us
  • 2- Integrate BoaCompra Payout Solution to your website/app
  • 3- Pre-fund our account, so we can manage your payout requests easily
  • 4- Make as many payout requests as you need!

Simple, easy and reliable, reducing the complexity of operations and improving your whole payout process: that is what BoaCompra’s payout solution offers.

Take advantage of all that the national market has to offer with a robust solution, tested and used by some of the largest companies operating in the country today: expand your business with BoaCompra’s expertise.

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