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What is BoaCompra’s payment link and how it helps you sell online
Payment link, a BoaCompra's payment processing feature, ensures fast and secure payments: see how they will make your business grow in Latam.
What is BoaCompra’s payment link and how it helps you sell online

Fast and secure payment: learn all about payment links and how they will make your business grow

The Covid-19 pandemic, and the consequent social isolation, brought significant changes in people’s consumption habits, driving the prioritization of online shopping. Many merchants, including small businesses, had to adapt to this new reality to maintain and increase their sales, having to digitize their processes, and that’s when online payment became an essential resource for many of them. 

Over the years, payment methods have evolved in line with technology, becoming increasingly more secure and convenient. This offered all the necessary support for companies to adapt to the new normal and expand their business beyond the borders of their cities, states, or even their countries, crossing continents. 

One facilitator of this process is the payment link, through which it is possible to offer payments to anywhere in the world, including in your clients’ local currencies. It is for this and other reasons that it has been gaining more and more popularity and traction among merchants and consumers, as it is a primordial resource for those who want to stand out in the market and expand their business.

A payment link is a personalized clickable link or button, with a specific description for the product or service offered, in the chosen payment method and currency, so that, once the customers clicks on the payment link, they will be redirected to BoaCompra’s payment page to finish the purchase. This page will be set up with all the previous chosen configurations and will offer high security and agility provided by BoaCompra’s payment system.

The payment link can be used in a web browser, text message, email, app or even on social networks, making it easy to pay any amount of money to a specific recipient. Want to learn more about how they work? Here are some of the key benefits of using payment links and how they help increase your online sales: 

Get a highly convenient set-up

As we mentioned above, payment links are essential for those who want to expand their business, but what many don’t know is that to use them you don’t need a super digital infrastructure or even an online store, because there is no need for API integration or installation. 

As a complete and robust solution, payment links guarantee agility and security in the transactions of merchants regardless of their size. They came to simplify everyone’s life, being able to meet the volume of demand from microentrepreneurs and large corporations. 

Sell wherever and whenever you want

One of the great advantages of payment links for the merchant is that these payments can be made from anywhere in the world, and best of all, they can be made in the buyers’ preferred currency, in any of the over 140 payment options BoaCompra offers for Latin America. 

To make this happen, merchants can simply create a customized link with the details of the items purchased and forward it to their customers in the way that is most convenient for them. From that point on, the customer can finalize the payment in their own time. After the transaction is finalized, if successful, the findings are automatically transferred to the merchants, reducing any hassles.

Offer an excellent customer experience 

A good impression sets the course for the relationship between a company and its consumer. Satisfied customers are the biggest promoters of a brand. And how do you give them the best possible shopping experience? Create personalized payment links and let your customers choose how they want to complete their purchase. There are a huge range of options just a click away, such as cash-payment, instant payment, credit or debit card, e-wallets, bank transfer, and more. 

Do you know what makes the experience even better? Besides the power of choice, by using BoaCompra’s payment links, payments can be done in the local currencies of the Latin American countries served by the company. In other words, your company can reach a huge audience and reach even further. 

Selling in Latin America has never been as easy and secure as with BoaCompra. Count on the greatest specialists on the subject to conquer this market; our team is at your disposal to help you expand your operation with intelligence, security, and agility. Get to know our products now!

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