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Ease and Simplicity: How to grow your e-commerce business by using payment plugins
BoaCompra helps international businesses access local payments in Latin America and is fully integrated with PagSeguro/PagBank's ecosystem.
Ease and Simplicity: How to grow your e-commerce business by using payment plugins

Want to expand your business to Latin America’s digital commerce? Payment plugins can be more useful than you think. Find out how

The current moment is surely one of the best for businesses selling online. According to Nielsen, the sector grew by 41% last year in Brazil, a long-term trend accelerated even more by social distancing restrictions and crowding, which brought down sales in shopping malls and drove the public straight to e-commerces, with a growth of 47% this year, according to the study by the consultancy company.

These numbers show that, although being an emergency adaptation for some, e-commerce has come to occupy a prominent place among the retailers’ options to reach their public and strengthen their business and even start selling abroad. And the best thing: contrary to what many people think, these business opportunities are accessible to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the industry.

Instead of developing complex platforms and proprietary websites, merchants can simply seek ready-made sales plugins in the market to set up their online shops and manage all processes. Already structured to be put online and set up with all the tools to enable and manage their online sales, these plugins are the right option for companies that are interested in riding the wave of the digital world without spending a large sum of money to do so.

Sell, monitor, expand in Latin America

Working with plugins that enable payments in Latam creates a huge opportunity for small and medium businesses to expand their services to the region in an easy and trustable way.
Having a platform ready, however, is only the first step to take advantage of the great benefits that technology offers to the online shopkeeper: it is necessary to make the connection between your website and the sales environment. This is where payment plugins for e-commerces come into play, ideal tools for integration with the main platforms in the market, and which bring unmissable benefits for the retailer seeking to expand business in Brazil without having a local presence. They can provide, among other things: 

Easy and fast deployment

Your sales can’t wait for a team to write thousands of lines of code, test everything, and put it online and then start happening. With payment plugins, your company quickly integrates your e-commerce with the plugin you want, without friction, complexity, or a lot of coding, easily accepting LATAM payments. With these plugins, there is no coding needed, therefore, merchants can do it on their own within minutes. This is the key to accelerating your online business.

Wide coverage

You may be wondering, would I need a plugin for each country to expand to LATAM? This would be really complex, costly, and increases the chance of compatibility errors, causing site unavailability and lost sales. That is why you should opt for a flexible, robust and unified plugin that works with the main platforms in Latin America and other countries to make your deployment even faster and allow immediate action throughout the region at once. One simple installation, a wide coverage in LATAM.

Local Payment with remittance to anywhere in the world

One big challenge about selling in countries you don’t operate relies on the delay a company can see to receive the money since it needs to go through many finance gatekeepers. With a plugin that allows your customer to pay in local currency and with their preferred local methods, with in-country processing and easy remittance of capital to anywhere in the world, it is possible to cut bureaucratic steps and develop a better ecosystem. This makes your operation more efficient, your receipts faster, and optimizes your customer’s buying process, strengthening their loyalty, as their experience is completely localized.

Another important point is to count on plugins that offer payment processes without the need to open a local entity, just by installing the payment plugin to your e-commerce store, eliminating the need for local entities and allowing you to control the whole operation wherever you are.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Credit card payment? No problem, if you have the right plugins in place. Choose tools that ensure full compliance with this standard to avoid data security issues and risk LGPD or GDPR sanctions, and bring more credibility to your business.

Simple and fast installation

BoaCompra’s plugins for payments in Latam are ready to use with only 3 steps:
1 Contact our sales team to get your credentials and start business with us

2 Download and install the plugin for your favorite e-commerce platform* 

3 Ready to sell in Latin America and get paid anywhere in the world! 

Easy integration, wide coverage, compliance with regulations, local payments with worldwide remittance: all this is within your reach through BoaCompra’s solutions. Serving some of the largest companies in the sector operating in the country, like *WooComerce, Magento and soon Shopify, we provide state-of-the-art technology and a team of local specialists ready to bring the best of digital transformation into your e-commerce. Talk to our team now and find out how our solutions can expand your sales in the country!

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