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Payout in Brazil: Why this is a major component to expand cross-border operations
Payout in Brazil is decisive for you to take advantage of the increasingly blurred frontiers created by the digital world. Understand more!
Payout in Brazil: Why this is a major component to expand cross-border operations

Discover how payout operations are decisive for you to take advantage of the increasingly blurred frontiers created by the digital world

The high tendency of digitalization is allowing companies to explore markets beyond the usual and this opportunity was accelerated by the pandemic scenario. Staying at home due to lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the pandemic brought problems and inconvenience to almost everyone, but it also enabled unexpected advances in many areas. Growth in the supply of digital products, such as online gaming, video and music streaming, telemedicine, the possibility of remote work, distance learning: all this and much more has been accelerated by the great advances in connectivity, mobility, computing, and the needs of the moment.

As a result of the acceleration of the digital tendency, the consumption of goods and services at an international level ended up increasing, and professionals who were previously restricted to local activity were able to take advantage of the opportunity to provide services to organizations abroad, such as streaming services and influencer market that were benefited by the movement.

This new economic dynamic brought, in turn, the need to find a reliable, robust, and low taxed way to send capital from abroad to Brazil and vice-versa. At this moment, the so-called payout gained enormous importance.

Get to know payout

Here, we are talking about payout in a context that refers to the remuneration made by an organization to a professional who is not affiliated with it. This includes the specialized services of freelancers, influencers, streamers, rental house hosts, social apps, and others. It is important to emphasize that we are not talking about payment of dividends by a company to its shareholders.

Payout is therefore critical in this time of a decentralized and dynamic economy, as it is the way in which professional services are paid for by businesses.

Another term that often appears related to this practice is the so-called “disbursement”, even used as a synonym. However, there are some important differences that should be noted to know exactly what should be practiced in each case:

Local disbursement

This is when a local company (be it wholly domestic or foreign with a presence in the country) receives funds from a local payment processor for remuneration due to services done in the country by providers in its territory.

Cross-border payout

This is what happens when the paying company has no presence in the country where payment for the service is made. In this case, services like PayPal and Payoneer act as intermediaries. This scenario brings certain challenges such as taxations, currency fluctuations, delay in payment compensation, etc., which tends to be detrimental to those who are waiting to receive their service.

In view of this, many companies are starting to look for partners to process payments locally, making the process less bureaucratic, speeding up the payments, and allowing the whole transaction to occur more smoothly and transparently.

The cross-border payout process is being transformed, especially by fintech companies who are providing new solutions for problematic or inconvenient points. These companies are providing better user experiences for both the payers and payees.

A win-win for companies and customers

Why, after all, is this relevant for international companies? One factor that deserves to be highlighted is the fact that Brazil has a complex tax system and a relatively unstable exchange rate situation, making international payout more expensive and complicated to be carried out.

On the other hand, the supply of good professionals at low prices is large, which makes them attractive to a number of organizations around the world, counting on qualified, specialized, and accessible labor to strengthen their local operations and even abroad.

Breaking down barriers

More service providers create more options for companies, which can count on specialized professionals in various areas, with diverse value ranges to meet their needs, which is great for both sides of the story. And the good news is that, to take advantage of all this, it is not necessary to have a great command of the whole country’s fiscal and economic landscape: all you need is a local specialized partner.

This gives your company advantages such as:

  • Processing practically in real time, much faster than traditional services, which take up to 3 days;
  • Reducing the high costs of cross-border financial remittances;
  • No need for local entities: we take care of the payment processes without the need to open a local entity;
  • Payment in local currency, minimizing currency fluctuations and giving more transparency to the whole process, something not offered by international payment processors;
  • Lower and more transparent transaction fees, without paying IOF. In contrast, banks, for example, have higher and less clear fees for the same services;
  • More adherence and proximity to the local reality and your customers in the country, allowing a clearer view of pricing and charging;
  • A disruptive payout experience: using digital accounts from PagBank to send funds to recipients in Brazil without intermediaries.That means a cost-effective operation for the merchant and no bureaucracies of traditional banks for the recipients.

Does all this sound appealing? Well, that is exactly what BoaCompra offers to dozens of customers in several countries. With its cutting-edge technology, robust systems and tools, and all the efficiency and reliability of PagBank for your payout, our company is the ideal partner for those who want to do business in Brazil without having a physical presence in the country.

Forget big fees and bureaucracy: start selling more now and counting on the services of thousands of qualified professionals, paying in local currency and receiving anywhere in the world without difficulty, and with maximum agility. Come and see all that BoaCompra has to offer!

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