Local payment options for your e-commerce customers: count on BoaCompra’s plugins
If you want to sell more on the Internet, BoaCompra's local payment plugins are your best ally to scale and improve sales. Find out why!
Local payment options for your e-commerce customers: count on BoaCompra’s plugins

If you want to sell more on the Internet, BoaCompra’s plugins are your best ally. Find out why

Payment plugins are extensions for your e-commerce platform and they are extremely valuable devices for those who want to quickly strengthen their presence in the world of online sales, as they allow the rapid deployment of checkout and payment solutions for your business. More than that, they allow you to sell to Latin American customers in local currency, which is a great checkout experience to your clients, and you can get paid anywhere in the world – which is even better for you. What benefits can they bring? Several, but the following are worth mentioning:

Easy installation 

Quick deployment with ready-made plugins for integration with the main e-commerce platforms on the market.

Payment in installments

Offer your customers the flexibility and possibility of splitting up the payment of high-priced products or services purchases so that it fits their monthly budget. With this option, although customers pay monthly, you receive the money all at once in your account with no extra fee. 


Generate sales tokens for secure and auditable registration of your transactions, ensuring compliance with LGPD.

Smart Fraud Prevention

With a proprietary risk management system using machine learning, BoaCompra offers robust anti-fraud and anti-risk features to prevent any issues in transactions. In addition, it combines with a specialized team full of experts on the Latin American market to be ready to reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Integrated refunds API

Our company helps avoid chargeback disputes by offering refunds in an integrated solution where all the processes are done automatically with the customer. Our API supports total or partial refunds for processed payments.

The plugins are robust and capable of handling large operations, since BoaCompra is part of the PagSeguro group, which is present in all regions of Brazil, besides having in-depth knowledge of the nearby markets. 

Responsive checkout

The best UX to bring comfort to your customer and maximize your sales.

Installing the plugins is easy and simple, with an intuitive and straightforward process that only have 3 fundamental steps:

1. Create an account 

Contact our sales team to get your credentials​.

2. Integrate with BoaCompra 

Download and install our plugin.

3. Sell to LATAM and get paid anywhere in the world

Set up your preferences and configurations for your checkout and start selling!

Get to know our solutions

When it comes to providing local payment methods with ease and efficiency, you can count on BoaCompra. Meet our line of plugins and choose the one that best solves your challenges in online sales:


Our flagship e-commerce payment plugin, WooCommerce has a market share of almost 30% and is ideal for mid-market platforms. This plugin allows settings with a high degree of customization, which makes it a flexible and reliable solution. 

WooCommerce has an easy and flexible configuration, with no need for programming but still offering features such as checkout and payment in local currency.


Does your e-commerce need something more robust, to meet large demands? No problem. BoaCompra has developed a plugin for Magento especially for you.

Aimed at companies with more specialized teams, this product brings a closer look to the developer, who can customize his application more. This solution already has PCI-DSS certification and compliance with international standards such as GDPR and national standards such as LGPD, ensuring its customers the security of their information.

Shopify (coming soon)

For smaller companies, which are eyeing the growth of online sales, soon BoaCompra will have a solution for you: Shopify! Designed for those who do not have an IT team, this plugin brings maximum integration, with the easiest installation of our portfolio without giving up the features you need. It can even be used with third-party solutions, even if the payment is made through it!

Sell more right now!

These plugins were created to help national and international sellers to overcome borders and ensure sales throughout Latin America with ease, reliability and generating great buying experiences for your audience. Besides having the easiest installation process, counting on BoaCompra’s plugins brings a great number of advantages for merchants and customers.

By integrating with us, you have a full customized customer support that is available 24/7, in 4 different languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish and Turkish) with a diverse team to better understand your customers needs. More than that, you will count on account management support, helping with possible doubts or necessities you may encounter. 

Those who count on BoaCompra solutions know that they will have benefits such as:

  • Accessing 17 countries in Latin America
  • Offering 140 local payment methods and in local currencies
  • Taking advantage of our ecosystem as a local card acquire and PSP in Latin American´s market
  • Modern and robust technology
  • Conducting business without the need to open local entities
  • Local customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in 4 different languages
  • Account management support
  • Remittance of capital to anywhere in the world without cross-border surcharges 
  • Robust and reliable risk analysis to optimize your management
  • Compliant with local regulations and laws, such as LGPD and PCI

Are you willing to sell more and expand your business to Latin America, using the best of your e-commerce platform with an easy and simple installation of our payment plugin? Then talk to BoaCompra’s team right now and guarantee our solutions for your e-commerce!

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