Boost your e-business with BoaCompra Plugins
BoaCompra helps international businesses access local payments in Latin America and is fully integrated with PagSeguro/PagBank's ecosystem.
Boost your e-business with BoaCompra Plugins

When expanding a business’ reach in Latin America, and in other emerging markets such as Turkey, merchants must undertake a 360º strategy to ensure a full consumer engagement:

BoaCompra meets all the above know-how, offering solutions for multiple business verticals, including gaming, software, OTT/OTE, physical goods, digital goods, and beyond.

E-business solutions that maximize results

Nowadays, there’s no brand or retailer that doesn’t acknowledge how determinant the user experience is in the purchase decision, and hence the sales result. Therefore, to provide good experiences and maximize results, merchants must invest in the right tools, especially solutions that give them access to local payment methods.

When partnering with BoaCompra, merchants can select the integration most suitable to their business:

  • Hosted checkout, to have the endorsement of PagSeguro Pagbank consolidated brand on payment pages
  • API checkout, to have full control over payment pages
  • E-commerce platform plugins, to easily integrate with the most renowned e-commerce platforms, no code or development required

Why e-commerce platforms are key to your business

As commonly known, e-commerce platforms are software that manage an online shop, including managing inventory, collecting payments, and organizing deliveries. It allows you to customize product (or services) information and to define how these items are solicited to best fit both your business and your customers’ needs. E-commerce platforms centralizes business operations by integrating with common business tools such as merchandising, pricing, payment gateways, marketing features, among other.

Adopting an e-commerce platform

To start selling online, you have two options: either you build you own e-commerce platform or you go for one of the major e-commerce platforms available in the market that can suit your business without the need of development or extensive integrations. Nowadays, most companies are opting for e-commerce platforms, as it removes troublesomeness and high maintenance costs.

There are several e-commerce platforms in the market, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, and they all have advantages and disadvantages, so for merchants it’s a question of choosing which meets their needs better.

When adopting an e-commerce platform, you should take into account five important aspects before deciding which one to integrate into your business:

  • the platforms offers a customer service that will reflect well upon your brand or company
  • the platform is easy to administrate
  • the platform is easy to use, either for you and your customers
  • the platform functions at a higher level, thus less downtime
  • the platform complies with global standards for security

Why BoaCompra e-commerce plugins helps your business expansion

Especially made for brands and online retailers willing to expand into the LATAM market, our plugins allow them to easily integrate with their e-commerce platforms to offer local payments options at the checkout point, including currency and alternative payment methods.

BoaCompra plugins are made for providing the best payment experience for your customers, and to release you from struggling with code. Take a look at the complete set of features, all available by following a few steps for the installation:

  • Coverage: our solutions include Latin America’s main markets, as well as Portugal, Spain and Turkey
  • Local payment options: over 140 payments methods, including credit/debit cards, cash payments (i.e. Boleto, Oxxo, Rapipago), bank transfer and e-wallet
  • Integrations that fit your exact business demands: hosted checkout, API checkout (see above)
  • Responsive checkout
  • Easy set-up
  • Installments
  • Tokenization
  • Encryption
  • Refunds API: avoid unnecessary chargeback disputes by offering payment refunds
  • Multi-store: create as many stores as you need for your business within the same integration
  • Extra fields for payments according to the selected country
  • Sandbox environment for testing
  • Log options
  • Security: BoaCompra is PCI-DSS compliance certified

The advantages of integrating with BoaCompra

When integrating with BoaCompra, merchants can expect a handful of advantages, including:

  • No local entities required
  • Local customer support 24/7
  • Account management support
  • No cross border surcharges
  • Robust risk analysis

BoaCompra is able to meet merchants exact business demands, because we have both the expertise in digital financial technology and 15 years’ experience that allow companies to deliver value, to optimize fulfillment, and to expand their business. Click below to get in touch with us and get started:

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