Unveiling BoaCompra Payout Solution
BoaCompra helps international businesses access local payments in Latin America and is fully integrated with PagSeguro/PagBank's ecosystem.
Unveiling BoaCompra Payout Solution

In a global economy like the current one, in which digital channels are breaking down barriers, either of communication and social distance or of bureaucracy and business models, companies need solutions to streamline financial management.

Therefore, the simpler, easier, and more accessible the procedure for each task is, the more resources are optimized. When it comes to payouts, it’s usually a complex operation involving several beneficiaries, frequently cross-border transfers and exchange, and other banking procedures.

But now merchants have at their disposal a new payout model, a disruptive solution that enables companies to send instant transfers through Pagbank free digital account. The BoaCompra Payout Solution is digital at most, it saves time and money, it’s agile and convenient, reliable, and safe. And it meets the Brazilians’ shift to online and digital banking.

About BoaCompra Payout Solution

BoaCompra Payout Solution is the only one that brings together innovation and efficiency in a cost-effective offering. It is an all-in-one API solution that enables global companies to send instant payouts to Brazilians. By using this disruptive payout model, merchants from all over the world can instantly send single or mass payouts in local currency within minutes after the request with no bureaucracies of traditional banks.

Find out how your business can benefit from BoaCompra Payout

Undoubtedly, ease and convenience are at the top of the range of advantages designed to allow merchants to focus on what they do best – their business. So, what benefits can merchants take advantage of?

  1. Single or mass payments to Brazil

Merchants save time by paying their partners in one go. Indeed, BoaCompra Payout Solution enables merchants to send as many payouts as their business needs in a simple and effortless way, whether it is a batch of several payouts or a single payout.

  1. Instant payouts in local currency

With BoaCompra Payout, merchants send money instantly from anywhere in the world to Brazilians, and local partners can easily receive their money in minutes after the request is made, directly at their PagBank free digital account in Brazilian reais.

  1. Easy access to the payees

Merchants can reach Brazilian payees easily. PagBank is one of the most popular digital banks in Brazil with more than 5.5 million* active users. Its digital account is free and onboarding process is 100% online and takes usually less than 3 minutes.

  1. Uncomplicated cross-border operation

BoaCompra will handle the local complexity. BoaCompra has over 15 years of experience on the Latin America region and is expert on handling bureaucratic procedures of cross-border transfers, including conversions, fees, and compliance requirements. That is why merchants can trust BoaCompra to handle these complexities and remove any obstacles to international payments, enabling them to get the best of payments in the region.

  1. Disruptive payout operation

With BoaCompra Payout, merchants send money through a digital account. BoaCompra’s payouts model uses digital accounts from PagBank to send funds to recipients in Brazil without intermediaries. That means a cost-effective operation for the merchant and no bureaucracies of the traditional banks for the recipients.

  1. Banking taxes free

Merchants save money by migrating from traditional banks. By using a digital account to perform international transfers, your business is free of the traditional international bank fees. You will only afford the transaction fee and your local partner will not defray any additional costs.

  1. High level of compliance

Merchants become partners with a reliable company. As payments solution experts, BoaCompra and Pagbank’s operations are regulated in accordance with the Brazilian Central Bank. In addition to that, both companies are PCI DSS compliance certified that guarantees the implementation of stringent data protection measures with frequent network monitoring and testing to detect failures and fraud.

A solution that also benefits payees

Companies are not the only ones to see their business leveraged. Indeed, when integrating with BoaCompra Payout Solution merchants share with their payees or recipients, an added value: PagBank services and solutions.

If a recipient already has a PagBank account, they can simply log in to their account to access the money, and also get all the payment details. If the recipients don’t have an account, they can open one. Opening an account at PagBank is easy, fast and it only takes three minutes.

Through BoaCompra Payout Solution, payees, i.e., suppliers, influencers, streamers, and marketplace sellers, easily receive and have access to their money in their local currency. Furthermore, they’ll benefit from the full PagBank account features:

  • Use the account balance directly from the super app for shopping
  • Bill payment
  • Cell phone top-up with cashback
  • Bank transfers
  • Higher saving interest rates
  • and more

Partner with BoaCompra and start using the new Payout Solution

Finally, it’s very easy and uncomplicated for merchants to start benefiting from BoaCompra Payout Solution, and start sending instant payouts to Brazil: just fill out the form and one of the sales executives can answer your questions.

In a world experiencing structural changes by the second, where the traditional business models are becoming obsolete and an obstacle to the mobility of people, products, and services, merchants must have the most complete and unique financial ecosystem, such as the one delivered by BoaCompra along with PagSeguro/PagBank.

* Active merchants using one additional digital account feature/service beyond acquiring and consumers with a balance in their digital account on the last day of the month.

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