Skyrocket your WooCommerce sales in LATAM with local payment options
BoaCompra helps international businesses access local payments in Latin America and is fully integrated with PagSeguro/PagBank's ecosystem.
Skyrocket your WooCommerce sales in LATAM with local payment options

In Latin America, WooCommerce is one of the top leading e-commerce platforms, following the worldwide trend. As it powers more and more sales, it’s time for you to find out how to boost your e-store.

Now that you’re aware that WooCommerce is one of the top preferred e-commerce platform, you must get the most out of your e-store, especially if your business is expanding into LATAM. This region stages some of the world’s emergent markets, such as Brazil and Colombia, and it’s crucial to convert your visitors into customers. But how?

Start by improving your WooCommerce store to provide your target with a good shopping experience and convert visitors into new customers:

  • Choose the ideal payment gateway for WooCommerce that gives access to LATAM’s local payment methods
  • Learn about Latin Americans’ payment preferences
  • Get inside Latin America’s payment methods, and integrate them with your WooCommerce store easy, efficiently and flawless
  • Localize your store

Get inside LATAM’s payment landscape: local methods and consumer’s preferences

The first step towards a successful business is to build a relationship with your target. And to do so, you must learn as much as you can about the market and your customers, whether they are regular or newcomers.

Regarding online shopping, and as far as payments are concerned, Latin American’s most popular methods are credit cards, cash, debit cards, bank transfe, and e-wallets . These methods have local schemes, starting with credit cards (as few enable international purchases) that allow payment in instalments. So, you must offer card payments for a range of local schemes. The same goes for cash (i.e., Boleto in Brazil, Rapipago in Argentina, Oxxo in Mexico). As for instalments, it’s a practice so ingrained in the Latin American culture that it is unthinkable to buy whatsoever otherwise.

Understand why it’s essential to localize your e-business

Learning about Latin American consumers’ behaviour and preferences, including habits concerning money and payment options, helps you improve your e-business in ways that meet their expectations. How? By investing in localized content and localized checkout:

  • localized content: language, culture and etiquette, delivery and return policies, data protection regulation, i.e., LGPD in Brazil
  • localized checkout: local currency, local and alternative payment methods, and payment options, such as instalments

In addition, ensure security solutions/procedures and fraud protection: PCI compliance, tokenization, chargebacks insurance or BoaCompra Refund.

BoaCompra Plugin for WooCommerce

Made for merchants like yourself looking for conversions in Latin America and an increase in revenues, our payment gateway is ideal as it accepts local payments directly on the WooCommerce online store. It’s over 140 payments methods covering Latin America, available just by installing our plugin. Can you imagine?

BoaCompra Plugin for WooCommerce is easy to set-up: create an account, download our plugin , install it (follow the step by step for installations, you’ll be able to set it up by yourself), and start using all functionalities. What’s more, you can choose the integration that fits your exact business demands:


In both options, the checkout is responsive, adaptable to multiple devices and screen sizes.

Aside from enabling your e-store with a wide range of local and alternative methods, you can offer your customers the flexibility to split up the payment of their purchases (remember, instalments are a common practice in Latin America) and receive money all at once in your account.

You also can offer refunds for a payment that has already been made, thus avoid unnecessary chargeback disputes and even establish a recurring billing schedule, making cash management easier.

On top of that, BoaCompra Plugin for WooCommerce warrants security through tokenization and a sandbox environment for testing. In short, should you follow our tips and opt for our solution, you will get the most out of your WooCommerce store, hence, your conversions will skyrocket. Start right now and reach bewlo out to one of our payment experts:

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