Creating seamless cross-border operations in Latam with BoaCompra
Solutions designed to facilitate and improve the evolution of your business in Latin America, enhancing CX with the best payment technology.
Creating seamless cross-border operations in Latam with BoaCompra

Seizing the momentum of growing consumption in Latin America is possible – provided you have the right partner

The good news: Latin America is generally open to consumption of goods and services from companies around the world, which opens up great business opportunities. Brazil, for example, has a smartphone penetration of 90% among the adult population and an e-commerce market revenue of $111 billion in 2020, reaching a percentage of 77% of adults (128 million people) that have already made an online purchase. All these numbers show a great opportunity for international companies to sell to Brazilian consumers, and these results also happen in other countries in Latin America, making the whole region interesting for those who wish to expand their business.

The better news: you don’t need to create a local entity to take advantage of this great moment, you just need to know how to choose the right partner for your business. It is precisely at this moment that BoaCompra stands out. With more than 17 years of experience in 17 Latin American countries and in-depth knowledge of the local markets, our company is a leader in payment processing technology, helping more than 300 major customers expand their operations in the region by accepting local payment methods and local currencies.

With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we offer local processing payment solutions that allow for a nimble, seamless operation in the region, without the need of any local entities. This means, more speed, less costs, and a better experience for your customers and business partners, making your business even stronger in Latin America.

More agility, more fluidity, more sales: come to BoaCompra

How to accelerate your growth in Latin America and strengthen your sales? Here are some ways BoaCompra can make a difference to your business in the region:

Full service in payments

BoaCompra is a Credit Card Acquirer in Brazil and a PSP in the rest of Latin America, which means that it can process payments faster, easier and at lower costs. We are also prepared to operate with more than 140 payment methods in the region, including Pix, in Brazil, which means more operability for you. And the best: you can receive money from transactions in your account, anywhere in the world, in dollars, euros, pounds or reais.

Robust solutions

Companies do not use only one platform for sales, nor are they at the same stage of technological maturity. That is why we bring a series of resources and APIs that allow quick setup and integration with the main solutions in the market, quickly putting your company into operation. In addition, our systems are robust and extensively tested, ensuring the processing of the highest demands without sacrificing consistency and agility – and all that with easy, user-friendly steps that can fit into companies of all sizes and industries.

Flexibility and robustness

Our solutions are designed to bring performance and ease to your organization, with features that help strengthen your sales and improve the customer experience. With our Payment Processing solution, for one, you get benefits such as:

  • Fraud prevention: we bring tools that help identify and prevent fraud, preventing your business from being compromised and maintaining the security of your operations
  • Recurring Payment Processing: increase sales conversion by establishing recurring payment processing through tokenization, charging your clients without them needing to insert their financial data again.
  • Installment payments: one of Latin Americans’ favorites, the installment purchases can be made easily through our systems, bringing more sales options and more chances of winning your consumer
  • Refunds: in case of need, we have specific APIs for refunds, which make the operation easy, safe and reliable, preventing headaches for you and your client.

True benefits for our clients

What do our solutions bring to our clients’ operations? Check out some of the most important competitive advantages BoaCompra has to offer your business:

  • Agility: faster processing than traditional means and no bureaucracy 
  • Cost-benefit: more processing power for your investment, generating more results for your business
  • More sales to a wider public: expand the borders of your operations without the need to establish local entities in each market, saving time and containing costs
  • Security: all transactions are protected and all solutions comply with LGPD and the region’s main security standards

Support beyond technology

More than digital solutions, we are a company of people specialized in payments, with in-depth knowledge of the laws, customs and practices of the regions where we operate. For this reason, BoaCompra’s customers can count on

  • Technical and operational support 24/7 in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Turkish
  • Support from a dedicated account manager for administrative and strategic questions
  • Compliance with the laws and norms of each market
  • Transparency in fees and values, in everything we do
  • Reportability and visibility on your operations, facilitating the management of your business

The best in payments technology, with support from local experts, native language support and compliance with the laws and regulations important to your business: all this and much more is available to you now. Want to grow right now in Latin America? Then come to BoaCompra. Talk to our experts now and see how we can help.

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