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Focus on what matters: How local support for online gaming payments will boost your user experience
BoaCompra helps international businesses access local payments in Latin America and is fully integrated with PagSeguro/PagBank's ecosystem.
Focus on what matters: How local support for online gaming payments will boost your user experience

Games are the products that arguably best represent companies’ quest for an excellent user experience. Understand why this begins with payment

Talking about user experience in today’s corporate landscape is no longer seen as a differential: it is part of the obligations of anyone who wants to stay competitive in virtually any segment. It is particularly true for the digital products segment – especially games. This market has been growing exponentially and is likely to exceed the $260 billion mark globally by 2025, driven by the variety of platforms, which now range from traditional consoles and PC gamers to smartphones.

Another critical factor leading to the remarkable expansion of this market is the wide variety of free-to-play games that are free to download and play but also allow purchases for upgrades and customisations, such as successful Free Fire produced by Garena. Even established franchises (that have always been marketed at high prices) such as Call of Duty are betting on this model, attracting millions of users. And it is precisely at this point that a decisive factor appears – and it has nothing to do with gameplay, graphics, or look-and-feel.

When trying to attract an increasingly demanding audience with millions of product offerings at its disposal, the user experience in online games needs to go beyond the game itself, bringing a friendly and robust environment at a critical time for its revenue: the payment. More than generating interest in in-game purchases, it is crucial to establish a system that processes payments in a fast, secure, clear, and totally user-friendly way, at the risk of losing current and future sales, not to mention consumer interest.

Less friction, more sales

Less friction brings a better experience, which brings more loyalty, sales, and profit. The approach is simple, but it requires adequate preparation on the part of the game producer.

In addition to creating a payment setting that is up to your demand, it is vital to consider parallels to the digital environment, particularly your support service. No matter how robust and well-architected, any system is subject to failure, so having an agile, well-trained, and locally-based support team is a wise decision that can bring great results, among the topics worth highlighting:

  • Streamlined purchase: with local support, your user resolves issues faster and more accurately, consolidating their purchase faster and improving their experience
  • Local currency: without the need to convert currencies, the purchase becomes more transparent, objective, and pleasant for the customer 
  • More effective service: with a better understanding of the local user’s reality, the service becomes more precise and effective, reducing the need to open several calls and the action of many agents in the same case
  • Zero language and time barrier: local support has the huge advantage of being done in the users’ native language, significantly improving their experience. Likewise, without the problem of time zones, the customer can always have a service at the time he needs it
  • More quality information: by being familiar with the local reality, the agents can offer more precise information and support, responding to questions quickly and assertively, and giving answers that make sense to the customer

The user, as mentioned, has many offers, small tolerance for errors, failures, and delays, and maintains high expectations regarding their entertainment. Therefore, in a business model in which purchases have a strong emotional aspect and can quickly fail if the process is not fluid, promoting frictionless experience brings solid results – both financial and branded. 

According to BoaCompra’s Head of Customer Service, Lemuel Cintra, having a diverse team is a huge point for creating a complete experience for those who contact the company. Having heavy users of games answering to a client with a related game issue, for example, constructs a more substantial relationship by showing expertise, familiarity and interest in the subject, which leads to a better outcome. 

That being the case, having a specialised partner that operates locally with regionalised teams prepared to deal with the reality and challenges of your market is an elementary differential for the games company, which can guarantee the best user experience from end to end in your product.

The BoaCompra support team is available 24/7 to attend all time zones. To better respond and solve the client’s needs, offers four language options, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Turkish, ​​being more inclusive and precise in our communication and service.

Want to know more about the major role local suport and local payment methods play in online gaming companies aiming to operate in Latin America? Then download our guide and learn how your online gaming company can accept payments in Latin America:

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