BoaCompra’s payment plugin for Woocommerce: how it works to boost your sales
With our payment plugin for Woocmmerce, cutting-edge technology and market knowledge are the differentials. Understand how and why to implement it:
BoaCompra’s payment plugin for Woocommerce: how it works to boost your sales

Cutting-edge technology and market knowledge are the differentials of this powerful resource. Learn more

The growth of e-commerce in Brazil and Latin America, bolstered by the long-standing restrictions caused by the pandemic, has led companies to face a heated but complex and dynamic landscape, with specific rules in place in different markets. From regulations to payment methods, from purchase profiles to product mix, companies need to adjust fast when they want to expand their operations in the region, something that is not always simple or easy. 

In order to support companies to better adapt to the new challenges of this market, BoaCompra has developed a series of solutions that can help bring the agility and practicality that sellers need today. Among them, the e-commerce plugin is noteworthy for its ability to connect to one of the world’s leading sales platforms: WooCommerce.

Open the door to more sales with open source

WooCommerce is a flexible, open source online sales solution built on WordPress. The company started in 2008 as WooThemes and in 2017 decided to focus exclusively on e-commerce, becoming in the process one of the leading platforms in the segment, especially for its ease of installation and operation.

Our plugin seeks to bring BoaCompra’s features to companies that already have WooCommerce, focusing on high operability and ease of use to optimize their operation. 

Among the benefits for those who opt for this solution, it is worth mentioning:

Wide coverage

Our solution covers 17 countries in Latin America, including major markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. We also have a solid operation in Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Romania.

Local payments

We offer more than 140 payment methods, including credit/debit cards, cash payments, and country-specific forms such as boleto, OXXO, RapiPago, PIX and e-wallets.

Customizable integrations

When selecting BoaCompra’s Payment Page, the customer will be redirected to complete a purchase directly and without bureaucracy. BoaCompra takes care of all payment information collection, protection of confidential data and transaction security; in parallel, when the customer opts for Direct Checkout, paying with credit cards, boleto and e-wallets you maintain full control over your payment page, with customers paying directly through your interface without redirections.

Robust and reliable risk analysis

Reduce your risk of fraud and chargebacks with our machine learning system, supported by a highly specialized and experienced team in the LATAM market.

Easy setup

All features are available with a simple installation of our plugin, so you can quickly get up and running and start selling more.

Installing the plugin

Those who opt for WooCommerce want, precisely, practicality and agility, so our plugin was designed with these differentials in mind, and can be installed quickly and without the need for coding. Check out how you can rely on it in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Go to the “Add New Plugin” tool in the WordPress plugin area

Step 2: Add it to your store 

Step 3: Enter your merchant key and set up the payments you want to offer. That’s it! 

Why choose BoaCompra?

With over 17 years of experience in the Latin America region and handling complex cross-border transfers, BoaCompra is part of PagSeguro, a disruptive provider of financial technology solutions driven by robust and consolidated infrastructure.

Besides facilitating sales and integrating our services to your sales platform, those who rely on our plugin have all the support needed to operate in 17 countries without the need to set up local entities in each of them. Just install it and start selling throughout Latin America and abroad! And there are even more advantages, such as:

  • • Support 24×7 in four different languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish and turkish)
  • • Account management support 
  • • Transparent rates 
  • • Compliant with regulations and laws
  • • Modern and robust technology 

Key-aspects that allow BoaCompra to provide a high-quality service, so companies can create a dynamic and productive ecosystem that meet the demand – at any time of the year. 

Additionally, our plugin offers these possibilities: 

  • No need for extensive front-end development, speeding up your sales startup
  • Requires minimal integration, which makes it easier to operate and reduces the chance of operational errors due to technical failure
  • Responsive checkout, providing an excellent experience on any platform
  • Possibility for your customers to pay in installments and for you to receive the money all at once in your account with no extra fee
  • Easy to offer refunds, without bureaucracy or complications
  • Risk analysis provided by BoaCompra, bringing more visibility and control to your operations
  • Keep track of all your data through our platform and better manage your store in all relevant details
  • Count on Settlement and remittance service
  • Excellence in Local Customer Support, available 24×7, in 4 different languages
  • Account management support to clear all possible doubts
  • Transparent rates with no hidden fees
  • Compliant with regulations and laws
  • Modern and robust technology

Sell more, with more ease, control and simple and fast WooCommerce integration? With BoaCompra it is possible and right away! Talk to our experts right now and see how we can help your company grow and enjoy the best of e-commerce right now.

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