Infographic | The favorite payment methods of Latin American gamers
From highly accepted credit cards to the agility and easiness of instant payment methods, understand the preferences of Latam gamers when paying online.
Infographic | The favorite payment methods of Latin American gamers
Mariana González Senior Marketing Analyst – PagSeguro Mariana González

To reach Latin America's 8.4 billion dollar online gaming market and its more than 316 million gamers, offering the online experience they expect is fundamental.

Highly digitized and with strong demands for their shopping and payment experiences, Latam's gamers have clear preferences as to the payment methods they use when paying online, valuing quick, agile transactions.

In this infographic, we show the payment methods Latam gamers prefer when paying online. Check it out below — you can also click on the infographic for a larger version:


The data for the infographic above comes from our exclusive white paper The Payment Habits of Latin American Gamers, a deep-dive study into how this engaged, digitized audience shops and pays online and the importance of the payment experience for merchants to tap into the region. Click below to download the complete white paper for free:

payment habits of latin american gamers white paper - download here
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