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How Cross-Border Marketing can help your expansion in LATAM
Organic content or paid campaigns are important for your marketing strategy. However, introducing a consolidated product or service to global markets and different cultures is often one of the biggest difficulties that companies face around the world.
How Cross-Border Marketing can help your expansion in LATAM

By Rafael Forte, Marketing Analyst

Imagine a consolidated product with loyal consumers in a strong market, working perfectly in accordance with your business plan. Now, picture the very same product or service being launched in different countries, where people don’t know it or don’t know how it works. It is indeed a challenge that most international merchants face worldwide especially in LATAM but, once it is overcome, it can be a great opportunity to boost sales.

Why Localization Matters When Going Global

Simple translations to the local language – Spanish or Portuguese – are not enough to reach and engage new clients. Learning cultural peculiarities of each country, or different regions in the same territory, which can change drastically, is the key to adapt your company’s speech and language. This kind of details and care with your final customer can be a milestone for your business. It may define success or failure of your product in a new market.

Clear and direct messages are essential to communicate with every stage of the conversion funnel. Explaining the product and creating the need/ desire of having it in the customer’s mind are the first steps to introduce your company in a new territory. The most important step in this initial phase isn’t only what, but how this novelty will be introduced.

The Role of Organic and Paid Campaigns

Each country in Latin America has its own way to speak, its own beliefs, behaviors and slangs. Cross-border marketing strategies must take into consideration that local cultures might change from a region to another in the very same territory or nation. When this initial task is accomplished, the next step is spreading the word or reaching new consumers with relevant information via organic content. This move must be your main source of communication to reach people that regular marketing tools don’t usually touch. Right after this stage, your next step will be paid campaigns.

Different formats and metrics should be treated as part of the communication strategy to promote your product or service. By respecting this plan, you can deliver your message to a high amount of people. Finding your target, understanding your audience and promoting in the correct channel are the main challenges for the marketing team.

It’s safe to say, you will not hit the jackpot in the beginning. Several tests with formats, channels and content must be submitted into each country or culture to provide the best path for that audience. Last but not least, paid campaigns will increase your product’s reach in different publics and countries. Remember that a well-defined strategy is the main tool to deliver your message where your product/service is not known.

Reaching the Latin American Market

According to imFORZA, 93% of online experiences starts with search engines even before the consumer shows interest of shopping. Their focus is usually a subject or question. Therefore, free relevant content provided by your brand is important to reach and engage new consumers. Don’t forget that creating a content that makes a difference is important but knowing how to deliver it is also crucial.

If your message can be successfully delivered, then integrating payment solutions in Latin America doesn’t need to be an issue. It is in this context that BoaCompra can help your business: with our 24×7 customer support and diverse portfolio of local payments, you will have more time to focus in what really matters for your company: selling.


1. Map your target audience’s preferences, taking into account the market where you want to start selling;
2. Produce relevant content to this public;
3. Define a branded content’s editorial line to follow;
4. Choose the right channels to promote and communicate your business content (newsletters, social media, and so on);
5. Invest in media and paid campaigns;
6. Keep results reports updated. This information will be important to analyze if your strategy is working. The success of your cross-border marketing depends on that!

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