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Hot Sale Mexico: how to increase sales in 2022’s edition
Do you know what the Hot Sale Mexico event is and its importance for the future of your business? Read the article on our blog!
Hot Sale Mexico: how to increase sales in 2022’s edition

Do you know what the Hot Sale Mexico event is and its importance for the future of your business? Read the article on our blog!

We know how important a business’ online presence is. We also know how it can affect the revenue of companies that work with online sales. That’s why, every year, the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) organizes the Hot Sale Mexico, with the goal of boosting the revenue of online businesses around the country.

In 2022, the event happens from the 23rd to the 31st of May. Throughout this article, you will learn the importance of this event for online sales and see some important tips for you to use in your own venture.

What is Hot Sale Mexico?

The event is an AMVO initiative that aims to improve the revenue of online retailers. The main goal of Hot Sale Mexico is to encourage consumers to make their purchases without leaving their homes, that is, using their smartphones and computers.

Businesses participate in this special date since 2014. After a short time of existence, it is already considered one of the most important dates for Mexican market. This is because these campaigns create exclusive offers for the population. Consequently, there is a sales spike in digital businesses.

Data reveals that the use of apps for purchases increased by 90% in 2020 in Mexico. The global impact of the pandemic has further stimulated these events, and it will become increasingly common for consumers make their purchases through their phone screens.

How to increase your sales and revenue in Hot Sale Mexico 2022?

Sales generated in recent years through Hot Sale Mexico are constantly increasing. In 2020 alone, its numbers meant more than 20 million products purchased over the Internet.

Hot Sale Mexico served as a major boost for retailers in the Mexican digital market. For you to succeed in the right way, here are the best tips on how to analyze your potential consumer and scale your sales in this field.

Give irresistible discounts

Heavy internet users usually compare prices of the same products in different stores, in order to make a purchase with the best cost-benefit. The justification for this is the great practicality that the consumer has to access online stores with just a few clicks.

Try to offer a discount that is irresistible to your potential customer, and that differentiates your products from the competition. The goal is to ask for a fair price that is lower than the traditional one, but that can also generate a profit for your company.

Offer convenient and secure payment methods

Consumers highly value secure websites and ease of purchase. The main methods used for digital payments at the time of the Hot Sale Mexico are debit and credit cards.

By analyzing the audience’s preferences, when they arrive at the checkout page, and prioritizing greater security for your online store, you increase the chances of closing sales.

Create urgency in consumers

Using mental triggers on product pages is a great sales technique that the biggest e-commerce sites use to multiply their results. Words that attract attention cause an even greater desire to buy in the individual who is already interested in that item, and the probability of making the purchase increases greatly. Here are some examples:

  • few items in stock;
  • best sellers;
  • limited time price.

How to prepare and train the team for the event?

To succeed with sales during the Hot Sale Mexico, dedication and a well-qualified team are required. Here are the most important tips that will make a team more productive and effective.

Know your audience

It is essential that you and your team study and analyze the market well, with the ultimate goal of knowing which people your business will reach and what products you will sell to them. Knowing the ideal persona to whom your business will direct communication is essential for an event like the Hot Sale Mexico.

Plan your inventory

Another important point to check before any sales event is to check if your company’s inventory will be enough for the high demand you have. By delegating your staff to correctly check this aspect of your operation, your store will avoid unnecessary inconvenience with potential consumers.

Run early sales campaigns

It is important to point out that you should not being your sales campaign just a few days before the event. Once you’ve done your audience analysis, you need to launch it in advance. By doing that, your business can study which people are most likely to purchase your products.

Offer local payment methods

Having this advantage enables the company to attract more customers and, consequently, more sales. In this way, your business opens up different payment methods to Mexican citizens and making purchases easier. Remember: different regions have different habits, such as payment in installments, or even low adherence to international card brands. Making payment more affordable for the local consumer puts your product or service ahead of the competition.

Why is it important to keep up with market trends?

As with any business, it is extremely beneficial for the company to keep up to date within its niche market. In this context, analyzing the behavior of potential consumers on certain occasions is essential for your business health.

Market trends, used to sell at an event like the Hot Sale Mexico to analyze audience behavior and the main products sold in e-commerce, are key to having a lot of success in sales.

A great example of trends is the growth of the SaaS market in Latin America, a business model that sells software services 100% online.

Having this information in your favor, your business will be able to project which products or services people are most willing to consume on a certain occasion and, as a result, achieve large peaks in revenue.

Why is offering local payments an advantage?

E-commerce has revolutionized the way people consume anything with access to the Internet, allowing them to purchase products or services wherever they are.

The Payment Processing Solution tool allows merchants to sell their products and process payments in Latin America without having to install a branch in the country. The BoaCompra solution by PagSeguro allows this advantage to your business with over 140 payment methods available.

How does BoaCompra offer solutions in Mexico and Latin America?

BoaCompra connects international companies to local payments without surcharges by offering the best accessibility to its customers, with peace of mind and security during checkout. With more than 15 years of experience in the B2B market, it offers a variety of payment methods spread across 17 countries.

Among the differentials of BoaCompra’s one-stop solution are its high credibility and expertise, a robust anti-fraud system, transparency at all stages of payments, wide coverage in local payment methods and 24/7 customer service.

By reading this article, you were able to understand what Hot Sale Mexico is and what you need to do to take your sales to the next event.

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