Brazil: Reach More Consumers in the 4th Largest Internet Market
Learning about local preferences and payment methods is the key to boost cross-border sales and reach millions of e-shoppers in the Brazilian territory.
Brazil: Reach More Consumers in the 4th Largest Internet Market

Have a deep look into the Brazilian market to surpass the cultural clichés and introduce a different country to international players. The land of soccer and samba is also the internet paradise with 139 million of internet users and 60.5 million digital shoppers with increasing customer confidence that grows each year. This represent a GDP of USD 2.14 trillion that cross-border sales can reach easily through a good marketing strategy and an efficient local partner with payment methods expertise.

Boletos and credit cards are the most popular among Brazilian consumers, but these shopping preferences can change depending on the product and the consumer’s profile.

“Understanding the DNA of our international clients allied with our local expertise in payment solutions, not only in Brazil but also in Latin America, is our main goal. We can facilitate business transactions with only one contract, one technical integration and one remittance”, explained BoaCompra’s Payments Director, Fernando Estevez.

Brazil in facts:

  • 209.5 million habitants;
  • GDP in 2017: USD 2.14 trillion;
  • Most popular e-commerce payment methods: Bank Transfers, PagSeguro UOL and Boleto Bancário;
  • Only 20% of credit cards in Brazil are enabled to make international transactions;
  • 60.5 million digital shoppers.

Cross-border payments provide a potential 80% sales uplift vs international payment solutions. Even with high rates of credit cards use in digital sales in Brazil, only 20% of them are enabled for international use. This important fact can be a turning point for international companies when decisions are made before entering in the Brazilian market.

According to Fernando Estevez, that is why it is so important to wisely choose a reliable and experienced cross-border payments partner. “Besides working with all local banks, BoaCompra offers more than 150 local payments options across 9 countries with 100% local coverage and risk free.”

In partnership with UOL Group, BoaCompra’s parent company, customer support is operated using modern data centers with Portuguese and Spanish native speakers. “We have been processing payments for 10 years and we now operate in 9 countries, offering the best monetization solution in the market for international companies”, he concluded.

BoaCompra’s coverage:

  • 1 single integration for 9 countries with more than 140 payment methods: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Spain, Turkey and Portugal;
  • Higher conversion rates;
  • 100% local coverage, international remittance and risk free installment purchases;
  • Fast and secure cash-based payments, such as Boleto Bancário;
  • Online debits;
  • All local credit cards with installments;
  • Deposits and transfers with all major banks;
  • All local e-wallets.
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