Why BoaCompra is the best option to expand your SaaS business in Latam
Want to expand your SaaS business into Latin America? Do it with the right payments partner: BoaCompra. Understand our benefits and solution here!
Why BoaCompra is the best option to expand your SaaS business in Latam

Want to expand your SaaS business in the region? Do it with the right partner: BoaCompra. Understand our advantages and differentials in this article.

The current landscape of digital products and services, especially SaaS, is highly favorable for growth in Latin America now more than ever. The combination of factors such as improved internet access, expanding mobile connectivity, more access to the cloud, growth of digital banking, among others, is driving this wave.

However, to seize the moment, you need more than an attractive SaaS product with great potential for sale. The post-sales details and payment methods also have great weight in building the success of any business, especially when it comes to a scenario of great competitiveness, with customers maintaining high expectations and with ample alternative options.

Thus, the quest for success involves generating a positive experience already at the time of payment – and this is particularly true when it comes to something technological like SaaS. Customers looking for such solutions are comfortable with technology and actively seek innovative, agile, and dynamic solutions, and this should be reflected at all points of contact with the vendor, not just the product itself.

And it is at this point that a specialized partner, with advanced solutions created especially for international companies that seek to grow rapidly in Latin America, helps your company to take advantage of the opportunities that the region provides. 

BoaCompra by PagSeguro: your ultimate partner to sell to Latin America

Latam is made up of several countries with completely different cultures, languages, currencies, laws, and financial scenarios; in practice, this means that for a company to do business on the continent, it needs to adapt to all these aspects to be able to operate effectively. It can be highly complex and can lead to a series of mistakes and difficulties caused by a lack of experience with the reality of each location. Fortunately, this can be avoided with the support of BoaCompra by PagSeguro.

We are a cross-border payment platform that enables worldwide merchants to access Latin America, accept local payments, or send payouts. Our all-in-one solution offers + 140 local payment methods in local currency with international funds remittance or sending single/mass payouts to Brazilians in local currency instantly with no banking fees.

With over 17 years of operation and being present in over 17 Latin American countries, our company’s solutions are created to offer more performance in sales and a better experience for the end-user. 

These benefits are provided without the need to create a local entity in the country of operation. So BoaCompra customers can quickly start their operations in a country without going through the bureaucracy of the legal and fiscal systems. With one integration, they can offer local payment methods, in local currency, with no cross-border surcharges, and can get paid anywhere in the world.

BoaCompra is part of PagBank PagSeguro, one of the biggest fintech in Latam, a company born out of innovation, pioneering and a leader in the Brazilian online payment media market.

This venture extends technological and financial resilience, driven by robust and consolidated infrastructure, increasing risk analysis and customer service expertise. It allows you to benefit from the most competitive rates in Brazil and all kinds of technological, marketing and operational synergies.

 Check out our benefits and see how they can help   your company:

  • 140 local payment methods 
  • 17 countries in LATAM
  • No local entities required
  • Local customer support, in 4 different languages, 24/7
  • Specialized account manager support
  • No cross-border surcharges
  • Remittance of funds anywhere in the world
  • Modern and robust technology
  • Compliant with regulations and laws

BoaCompra’s robust solution allows clients and merchants to have a seamless experience during purchase. On one side, customers can focus on their purchase, and on the other, companies can have a broad vision of every step of this process.

A scenario only possible because of key features that work intelligently behind all of this, avoiding bumps and delays during complex transactions and offering options for payments that make sense for these customers.

In BoaCompra by PagSeguro, you will find specific and fundamental features such as:

Smart Fraud Prevention

We offer robust anti-fraud and anti-risk features to prevent any issues in transactions, making sure of the operation’s safety.

Monthly installments

It allows you to offer your customers the flexibility of splitting up the payment of their purchases so that it fits their monthly budget, creating a higher chance of closure.

Refunds API

Offering refunds in an integrated solution helps to avoid chargeback disputes, making it faster and more user-friendly.

Recurring payments

Offer your customers recurring billing through tokenization by protecting their sensitive data, replacing cardholder details with a stand-in token. This avoids any type of risk in the process.

BoaCompra’s portfolio is designed to cover different approaches a company may want to have or need, regardless of type, size or volume of transactions. Choose the most suitable integration for your business:

Payment Page

This service option is essentially a payment outsourcing format where the consumer is directed to an environment entirely belonging to BoaCompra. In this case, the entire payment procedure, including the consumer’s data, is the responsibility of BoaCompra. For the contracting company, this means peace of mind and quality assurance, since BoaCompra takes responsibility for the data and for complying with LGPD regulations.

Direct checkout

This solution brings the payment to the customer’s page, eliminating the need to redirect to the BoaCompra environment. Here the payment is therefore made directly in the merchant’s environment using BoaCompra technology to ensure a consistent operation.

Plugins for e-commerce platforms

For those who already use consolidated payment platforms, we offer integration plugins that operate with the most popular tools in the market. Thus, those who use Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce can now ensure a simple and easy integration environment, without the need to install applications, using only our customized plugins.

Payment links

Businesses which are looking for a payment option and do not have any structure can also count on BoaCompra’s solutions: just use one of our payment links. With this solution, the seller sends a link to the consumer who, with one click, goes to a BoaCompra payment site and carries out the transaction in a safe environment, quickly and swiftly.

Your business connected to local payments in LATAM

Once you become a BoaCompra partner, your company will be able to access more than 140 payment methods in Latin America, in local currency. More than that, you will receive the money in a fast, simple and safe process, anywhere in the world. All of this is possible because we work as a credit card acquirer, payment processor and aggregator and as a cross-border remittance agent, delivering all you need in one user-friendly platform.

Those who seek to grow in the region, therefore, need to count on the partner that brings everything in one place. State-of-the-art technology, long experience, tested and reliable tools, experienced staff: all this is at the service of your business today. Talk to our experts now and see how you can take advantage of the momentum to expand your SaaS in Latin America and take advantage of the region’s excellent momentum.

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