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Challenges for online games in LATAM: Level Up´s perspective
Now that local infrastructure supports and enables the growth of the gaming market, the challenges in Latin America have changed. Learn about how this specific market can expand its business and attract even more players from Level Up’s perspective.
Challenges for online games in LATAM: Level Up´s perspective

Looking back and analyzing the online gaming scenario in the last decade, specially in Latin America, one can notice that a limited reality rose for those who wanted to invest in this market. At that time, the internet was very slow and expensive, and the cost of buying a PC was very high. The Brazilian population didn’t use to share a computer gaming culture. Everything was basically based on consoles, which were very pricy as well.

Would you foreview an optimistic perspective to invest in this market?! Some bold companies thought so and Level Up, the pioneer PC game company in Brazil, launched classic games such as Ragnarok and Perfect World, which are a great success up to nowadays.

Resilience and creativity made the difference to keep business running while this segment was developing. With time, other platforms became popular, as browser games, online games, mobile games and consoles´ prices reduction helped this segment’s expansion.

While most thought that there was no market yet to explore, Level Up exceled analyzing game titles versus the local culture. Their secret?! Learning and understanding their public before launching any service or product. The infrastructure available in each market, for example, was also evaluated before the decision to commercialize a game. Their partnership with BoaCompra allowed them to offer the best payment solutions for each country, a strategic decision that took into consideration that local payments enhance sales results in LATAM..

Since then, Level Up has also launched the Hype platform which is a payment gateway that sells thousands of titles, including localized games.

For the future, there are three main challenges that the online gaming market will have to overcome to expand even more its business:

  • Offering game titles to Latin American gamers which are compatible with their infrastructure capacity, in terms of internet speed and PC specifications.
  • Offering game titles that correspond to the taste of Latin American players.
  • Reducing the smartphones´ prices and data plan, so that mobile games will be accessible.

With these aspects in mind, online gaming in Latin American countries will rise and attract more users who seek the best digital entertainment.

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