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BoaCompra is now PagSeguro: check out all about our rebranding
Offering payment solutions for over 300 cross-border merchants, BoaCompra goes through rebranding process and becomes a single brand in Brazil and abroad.
BoaCompra is now PagSeguro: check out all about our rebranding

Offering payment solutions for over 300 cross-border merchants, BoaCompra goes through a rebranding process and becomes a single united brand in Brazil and abroad.

BoaCompra by PagSeguro, a company from the PagBank PagSeguro group that provides online payment solutions in 17 Latin American countries, besides Portugal, Spain, and Turkey, connecting over 300 foreign merchants to local payment methods, will start going by the name PagSeguro on the 24th of October.

In 2012, BoaCompra became part of PagBank PagSeguro, a complete digital bank that offers innovative solutions for financial and payment services, a leading company considering the number of clients that use its POS machines. From now on, the brand leaves behind the BoaCompra by PagSeguro name and adopts the name of PagSeguro, becoming a single united brand.

BoaCompra by PagSeguro, now PagSeguro, is a complete solution for payments in Latin America, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey, offering over 140 local payment methods and currencies. On the market for 18 years, the service also allows companies to send instant payouts to Brazilians for services provided, directly in local currency and with no traditional banking fees.

In the last year alone, the company processed over 100 million transactions from 15 million users. As a provider of solutions for cross-border merchants, PagSeguro is well established as a leader in Latin America for the online gaming segment, including giants such as Valve, Garena, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft.

Despite the name change, known as rebranding, the company’s operation will not suffer any alterations and the services provided will remain the same, both for the market and for end-users. PagBank PagSeguro’s CEO Alexandre Magnani highlights that unifying the brand strengthens its position on the global payments market.

“Ever since PagBank PagSeguro acquired BoaCompra, the company is positioned as part of the group. Today, in a moment of high maturity for the company, with open capital in the USA (NYSE: PAGS), which brings great notoriety to the business, we are ready to become a single brand – PagSeguro – in Brazil and beyond. This unification contributes to PagBank PagSeguro’s mission, which is to democratize access to financial and payment services to everyone”, points out the CEO.

“By positioning ourselves as PagSeguro, we strengthen our reach in the international market, helping us transmit reliability, innovation, and technical quality”, adds Alain Delcourt, Director of International Businesses at PagSeguro. With almost two decades of history, the director sees the name integration as an important step forward in the company’s future, and concludes: “We will keep reinventing ourselves and improving our expertise on Latin America”.

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