White Paper: Business Expansion into Brazil, Mexico and Chile
Our free white paper looks in depth at the cultural, logistical and financial information you need to expand your business into Brazil, Mexico or Chile.
White Paper: Business Expansion into Brazil, Mexico and Chile


Moving into a new market can be a big step. To be successful requires extensive research and a strong understanding of both the opportunities and the challenges that will be faced.

This is all the truer when considering markets of the size and complexity of Brazil, Mexico and Chile. However, these three markets also present exciting opportunities for the international e-commerce merchant. They offer growth potential, with large populations currently underserved by e-commerce solutions.

As experts in LATAM e-commerce, we delve into everything international merchants need to know to be successful in these markets. From each country’s cultural identity, to their preferred payment solutions, to their regulatory environment.

What you will learn in this white paper

  • Essential statistics on Brazil, Mexico and Chile including internet penetration rates, e-commerce market sizes and GDP growth forecasts
  • Detailed guidance on Brazil, Mexico and Chile’s preferred payment methods and country specific advice for checkout optimization
  • Brazil, Chile and Mexico e-commerce best practices
  • Guidance on payment ecosystem regulation, including taxes and the shipping process
  • Financial and political trends in each country, and their potential impact on the international e-commerce merchant
  • Monetary and exchange rate policies and how they will affect your business
  • Keyways to boost your sales in Brazil, Mexico and Chile

Who are we?

BoaCompra has been offering local payment methods for international platforms for over 15 years and is fully integrated with PagSeguro/ PagBank’s ecosystem, a provider of financial technology solutions in Brazil. We have extensive knowledge of the LATAM markets, working in ten different countries and offering over 140 different payment solutions. We believe that growth should not be restricted by borders.

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