What is the busiest season for e-commerce in Brazil: Black Friday or Christmas?
A curious fact about both commercial dates is that the very same online consumer buys on both dates, but with different purposes. Personal purchases with discounts are more common during Black Friday, while general gifts are bought at Christmas.
What is the busiest season for e-commerce in Brazil: Black Friday or Christmas?

November and December can be madness for any merchant wishing to boost sales and guarantee great results in both bricks-and-mortar and online shops in Brazil. Different elements contribute to sales and increase consumers’ wish to buy. Aside from the natural excitement of holidays, Brazilian workers with formal jobs always receive an extra salary in December – known locally as the 13th salary, which increases their buying power and boosts sales.

On Black Friday 2018, for example, there was a significant growth of 15.3% when compared to results of e-commerce in 2017. According to this report by Clearsale, sales of just over two billion Brazilian Reais (BRL) was registered on this day alone. Meanwhile, the outlook for Christmas sales suggests indicating an increase of 12% when compared to 2017’s results, according to the Brazilian Association of Electronic Trade (ABComm).

Black Friday: making Christmas purchases early

Alluring discounts and a wide range of products are the main reasons for Brazilian consumers bringing forward their purchases for this special period. It is a known fact that this is an important date for any e-commerce merchant, but this special opportunity is taken not only to buy Christmas gifts. The majority of online consumers are also searching for great deals for personal purchases.

An encouraging increase in sales was registered in 2018, and the Clearsale report states that São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and Curitiba, in that order, were the main cities where online consumers bought the most. As a business, you should pay close attention to these main urban centres when targeting sales.

Prospects for Christmas 2018 in Brazil

Culturally, Brazilian consumers can wait until the last minute to buy their Christmas gifts. Aware of this fact, online merchants prepare a special strategy to promote their discounts earlier, and also bricks-and-mortar shops and shopping centres often extend their opening hours until late at night (10 p.m.).  So, while you are reading this article, someone is probably still searching for a great gift for Christmas.

So far, no official numbers of sales have yet been published. ABComm believes that 31 million online orders will be made until 22 December, which will represent BRL 9.4 billion in sales with an average ticket of BRL 296.

João Sanzovo Neto, chairman of the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets (ABRAS), stated in October that retailers are feeling more optimistic this year because there is an expectation of consumer confidence recovery after the uncertainty of the election period.

Black Friday versus Christmas in Brazil

Answering the question that started this article, there is no doubt that either of these seasonal dates is important for any merchant. Domestic and international e-commerce websites should prepare their logistics, especially before Black Friday when the end-of-year shopping starts, both for personal purposes and for general gifts.

When it comes to digital shops, international merchants must be aware of delivery deadlines. As a business strategist, you do not want to make your customer unhappy by not delivering the product in time.

You should also be aware that your chances of selling in the country will get a boost if you offer products and promote special sales in the local language, Brazilian Portuguese, and if you quote prices in Reais (the official currency of Brazil); in addition, having a diverse portfolio of local payments will increase your chances of selling more in the country. For this, the BoaCompra team of experts is available to help you with any doubts.

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