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Summer Steam Sale 2018 is around the corner
Steep discounts, daily deals and flash sales stir online games market in a week-long event. For most gamers all over the world, Steam Sale is more expected than Christmas or Black Friday.
Summer Steam Sale 2018 is around the corner

Lots of entertainment segments gather legions and legions of fans all over the world. TV series, movies, books and comic books can reach certain levels of fame and excitement that few products or services would dream of. This is the case of video games and online games as well. Real time interaction among players combined to great games make this entertainment market one of the most profitable in the world.

No one must be a “game expert” to recognize names such as Grand Theft AutoCounter-StrikeDota 2Call of Duty or Assassins Creed. The magic of these titles acknowledged by regular entertainment consumers represents a tiny part of a huge culture behind PC games. The real gamers have their own culture of expressions, inside jokes, rites, memes, tools, platforms and digital money. 

Inside this context, Steam Sales is a special event that any online gamer is aware. For seven days, prices of different titles can drop drastically – 50% to 90% – in alternate times. Daily deals and hours-long flash sales just keep players all over the world connected searching for the best price during the whole week. The annual discount events take place on VALVE’s Video Game distribution platform.

For those who are not acquainted, VALVE offers digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer gaming, video streaming, and social networking services. Although there are frequent discounts on the platform, Steam Sale is a great opportunity as the discounts offered are really impressive. Since its launch, it has become one of the largest online video game distribution platforms with more than 4 million users worldwide and additional features like the Market, Trading Cards and Modding Hub. Due to the growing popularity of Steam and Holiday Sales, more and more games are added to the software and go on sale every season.

A curious fact is that, to make worth the wait, VALVE doesn’t announce the exact day that Steam Sale starts. Everyone organizes their savings and free time to follow its discounts and make their purchases in the beginning of each season. The culture of this online games “Black Friday” is enhanced by social media and total engagement of players in different countries. Forums, tutorials, guides and live transmissions take place during this week to guide shoppers and to make the best deals during Steam Sales.


The Steam platform is the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming, estimated in 2013 to have 75% of the market. In 2017, users who bought titles on Steam totaled about $ 4.3 billion, accounting for at least 18% of global PC game sales. By early 2018, the service had more than 150 million registered accounts with a peak of 18.5 million simultaneous users online. The success of the Steam platform led to the development of a line of Steam Machine micro-consoles as well as the SteamOS operating system.

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