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Money 20/20 Europe: 5 trends discussed in the 2023 edition
PagSeguro once again sponsored Money 20/20 Europe, one of the main events of the payments industry. Our team shares the main topics discussed there!
Money 20/20 Europe: 5 trends discussed in the 2023 edition
Mariana González Senior Marketing Analyst – PagSeguro Mariana González

From June 6th to June 8th, Amsterdam hosted Money 20/20 Europe 2023, bigger than ever and once again with PagSeguro as official sponsors. One of the most important events for payment companies from all around the globe, the 2023 European edition brought together over 8,000 attendees from more than 90 different countries.

At PagSeguro’s booth, we highlighted our local payments solution that help global companies to reach Latin America’s rising market and our latest white paper – The Payment Habits of Latin American Gamers, with exclusive data from a survey with over 2,200 real gamers from Latam’s main markets and insights based on our almost 20 years of expertise as the leading local payments provider for online gaming companies in the region.

Understanding your consumers to create the best payments experience for them was one of the biggest topics during Money 20/20’s three days of great conversations and panels. Want to know what else was discussed there? Keep reading to discover the main topics at Money 20/20 Europe 2023:

  1. 1. Cross-border payouts

With cross-border e-commerce more and more present worldwide, the attention now also turns to other forms of globalized services. E-learning platforms, content creation and social media apps are just some examples of major segments in today’s online landscape that have a need for payouts.

To pay freelancers and service providers from another country, or even to create innovative social media engagement campaigns, cross-border payouts facilitate the payment process. 

That’s why we highlighted our Payout Solution at Money 20/20, sharing with attendees the new releases for the solution: now, besides the option for companies to use it through our API, it’s also possible to send single and mass payouts directly through our dashboard, with no integration required. The instant payouts can be sent to payees in Brazil directly in Reais through Pix or PagBank, two major payment methods in the country.

  1. 2. Digital innovation in rising markets

Latin America is always a major topic of discussion at Money 20/20 Europe, and in 2023, it was no different. Recovering markets, highly digitized consumers, and growing opportunities for merchants from all around the world can be found not only in Latin America, but in rising markets as a whole.

As our Managing Director Caio Costa highlighted in his interview with FinTech Magazine at the event, "anything that is happening in the world, is also happening in Latin America". Rising markets can be just as (and even more) open to innovation as more established regions, so a globalized sales strategy should definitely look into Latam and its more than 250 million online shoppers.

  1. 3. Robust anti-risk processes

A lot of exciting segments are gaining more and more attention on the market and, consequently, at Money 20/20 – and they require robust, up-to-date anti-risk processes. 

Talking about crypto, iGaming and other higher-risk products, as shown at the event, demands also talking about strong regulation and risk analysis, so as to make companies ready to make the most of their opportunities.

Furthermore, when we consider digital goods as a whole, Latin America can be a risky market for all segments – the region shows a considerable number of fraud attempts, and trustful online security is one of the aspects both consumers and merchants value the most. That is why reliability and security are two of PagSeguro’s core values, and our Smart Fraud Prevention is especially tailored to digital goods.

Our Smart Fraud Prevention algorithms use machine learning from more than 100 million transactions processed every year – which we have been doing in 17 countries in Latin America for almost 2 decades –, thus decreasing fraud occurrences without harming the approval process for legitimate purchases.

The complete risk analysis was created with the online gaming industry in mind, one of the more frequently targeted segments on the internet. Thus, we are able to ensure the security and reliability merchants from all online segments need for their operations in Latin America.

  1. 4. Instant payments and other cardless methods

It’s impossible to have a payments event today without talking about instant payments – and, at Money 20/20 Europe, the conversation broadened to include the rise of cardless methods in general. After all, even if credit cards are still the number one payment method in e-commerce for the majority of countries – including Latin America –, they lose space year by year to alternative payment methods, with instant payments just rising more and more.

And of course, no matter where the conversation is happening, Brazil’s Pix is the biggest instant payment method case, highlighted due to its extraordinary numbers – of transactions, volume, and users –, to the quickness with which it was adopted in the country, to the outstanding UX and bold plans Brazil’s Central Bank has for its future, and more.

Already representing 25% of all e-commerce sales, Pix’s total share should rise to 31% by 2025, the fastest growth rate in the country’s payment landscape. Depending on the merchant, as much as half of the online volume can come from the instant payment. Therefore, it is a must for merchants aiming to reach or strengthen their strategies in Brazil.

  1. 5. Customer-centricity and partnerships for assertive strategies

Instant payments, crypto, strong anti-risk analysis, instant payouts, a wide variety of payment methods for your consumers: at the end of the day, following innovative trends has the goal of attending customers’ expectations and offering them the payment experience they expect and demand.

Likewise, establishing partnerships with local partners in the countries you aim to sell to is a great way to get access to local expertise and the true demands of the region’s customers – while also avoiding costly bureaucracies such as having to open a local entity or traditional banking fees, which used to be necessary to bring a company to new (online) grounds.

It was with that in mind that we produced and released the white paper we mention in the introduction. The digital-savvy online gamers are one of the most demanding customer bases on the market – understanding precisely how they expect to make online payments, and why, is fundamental to be successful in the segment. Even better: since they are heavy e-shoppers, their demands and expectations are useful to merchants from all online segments that wish to create a better, smoother, more innovative payment experience.

To boost your business in Latin America fulfilling customers’ expectations, with all their favorite and most used payment methods, click below to download our latest white paper for free:

payment habits of latin american gamers white paper - download here
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