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How BoaCompra enables your Digital Goods business to grow in the Brazilian market
The digital goods industry in Brazil is growing more and more. But to get the most out of it, you need the right partner. That's where BoaCompra comes in!
How BoaCompra enables your Digital Goods business to grow in the Brazilian market

The digital goods industry in Brazil is an attractive opportunity for merchants. But to get the most out of it, you need the right partner. That’s where BoaCompra comes in.

From games to remote collaboration apps, from educational platforms to data analysis systems, digital goods are growing consistently and rapidly around the world for good reason. Easy distribution, advanced technology, smart solutions, increasing attention to the user experience: all this and much more is building the success of digital products.

However, the heating up of the industry also leads to a natural increase in competitiveness, with consumer preference being fought over in details such as user support and payment system, both in the acquisition of the product and eventual in-app purchases. In a scenario where Brazilians increasingly buy online and consume digital products in large volumes, attention to these details is key to stand out in the market and grow with this type of product.

There are, however, challenges specific to the country that require a good dose of care. Complex tax systems, economic policies that generate instability, currency fluctuations, local payment methods like Pix, to name a few examples, require the entrepreneur to plan and prepare well to operate successfully.

The good part is that there are partners like BoaCompra, with years of experience in helping companies with the right knowledge and technology to facilitate and accelerate this journey. By allowing companies to offer local payment methods and local currencies in Brazil and 16 other Latin American countries, BoaCompra helps businesses access this market that is full of potential. 

Count on those who understand sales

Success in digital goods sales in the country is a consequence of planning, preparation, and application of the right techniques and tools. With over 15 years of great experience in the local market and bringing state-of-the-art technology, tested and proven worldwide, BoaCompra brings together a set of solutions that will strengthen your business and allow you to sell more and better. How? Keep reading to learn more about BoaCompra’s benefits:

Have a trustworthy local card acquirer for your operations  

For companies who operate in several countries, dealing with different local acquirers can be a tough challenge – and one that demands a lot of effort. 

Being a card acquirer means that BoaCompra is a member of a card organisation(s) which means we cover the whole payment process: payment gateway, processing, and acquiring for credit cards. This provides reduced costs, faster processing for end users,  more fluidity, solidity and better visibility for merchants during the acceptance of local payments. 

Maximize reach by accepting key local payment methods 

Since new and digital methods are growing and attracting customers for a faster finance structure, it has become a demand for merchants to add options such as Pix, boleto, e-wallets and bank transfer on its checkout. Even though they have only a few years of use, Brazilian consumers have already incorporated them in their daily lives, and there is no expectation for that to change. 

Offer installments and recurring payments 

Installments is a very common and used payment facility in Brazil and other countries in LATAM, possible through credit card, that offers customers the flexibility and possibility of splitting up the payment of high-priced products or services purchases so that it fits their monthly budget. With this option, although the customers pay monthly, you receive the money all at once in your account with no extra fee.  

Recurring payments, on the other hand, are repeated ones based on subscriptions, where customers do not need to appear in person or virtually, only share their payment information with the processor, which will then charge their card according to the subscription. Payments can be set to be issued yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily, with scheduled due dates or an undefined end. This option provides benefits, like saving merchants and customers time, optimizing the checkout experience, making it easier to predict cash flow and increasing customer retention rates.

Choose the integration most suitable for your business

Every company has specific demands to serve its customers in the best possible way, creating a positive buyer journey and meeting their expectations without compromising or over-complicating the operations. That’s why BoaCompra integrations meet all sizes of business, providing a simple solution that fits the present and future plans. 

Direct checkout API: After choosing their products/services, customers pay directly on your interface without leaving your store. This way, you will have complete control over your payment pages and your customer will have a smooth user experience. 

BoaCompra Payment Page: After choosing their products/services, customers will be redirected to BoaCompra’s payment page to complete the purchase. BoaCompra handles all payment information collection, sensitive data protection, and transaction security.  

E-commerce Plugins: If you use an e-commerce platform for your business, such as WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify, you can simply install our plugin to access all BoaCompra´s benefits to expand your business. With an easy and quick integration with the biggest e-commerce platforms​, you will be able to offer local payment methods in Brazilian Reais.

Payment Link: You can access the full potential of Brazilian customers, even without having an ecommerce store, by creating and sending them payment links to finish purchase with their preferred and more common payment methods in Reais on our payment page. Without integration required, you can create and share the link with your customers in a few seconds and all sensitive data is handled and protected by us. 

Avoid fraud with our solution and count on an API for refunds and chargebacks

BoaCompra offers robust anti-fraud and anti-risk features to prevent any issues that may happen in transactions. Thus, our company helps avoid chargeback disputes by offering refunds in an integrated solution where all the processes are done automatically with the customer. Also, our robust machine learning system, combined with a specialized team full of experts on the Latin American market, is ready to reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Compliant with local regulations and laws

BoaCompra’s operations are regulated in accordance with the Brazilian Central Bank and regulations from Latin America, Europe and America´s markets, such as LGPD, GDPR and SOx law.

In addition to that, we are PCI DSS compliance certified in level 1, which guarantees the implementation of stringent data protection measures with frequent network monitoring and testing to detect failures and fraud. All of this combined means less risk of data loss and intrusions and more compliance with laws, bringing reliability to the business and avoiding sanctions and fines..

Modern and robust  technology

This is an important differential, and it is a service guaranteed by our solution. An agile and stable processing makes sure that the payments are carried out in a secure and fast way, since our system´s availability is 99.99% with an average response time for transactions of  0.5 second  for the new APIs, meaning that you can process more than 200  transactions per second, creating an advantage for both the consumer and the merchant. 

Money Flow optimization

BoaCompra has over 15 years of experience in LATAM and is an expert in handling bureaucratic procedures of cross-border payments, such as currency exchange, fees, payment flow, fraud management, legal matters as well as compliance requirements. That is why you can trust BoaCompra to handle these complexities and remove any obstacles, enabling you to offer the best of payments in the region to your customer with a better, smoother, and safer experience during checkout. 

Local language support

Errors may happen and doubts might arise, but difficulties in resolution do not. Offering customer support in Portuguese, with local attendants that understand the problem, its context, and are able to give a fast and direct forwarding to the solution can be decisive for the company’s success and the client’s loyalty.

No need for local entities

Your company is based abroad, but wants to sell in Brazil? BoaCompra takes care of the payment processes for you without the need to open a local entity. This is a great opportunity for your business to reach new markets and many more customers without the need to make huge investments abroad.

One single integration for 17 countries

Latin America represents a complex, vast and multi multicultural region, a characteristic that also reflects in the finance system. BoaCompra operations reach 17 countries in a simple and integrated way so you can expand your business faster and easier. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to provide solutions that fit the main necessities to create an integrated operation.   

Payment technology

BoaCompra is part of the PagSeguro PagBank group, a leading company of online payment methods and solutions for e-commerce, virtual stores, and physical commercial establishments in Brazil and one of the biggest fintech companies in Latam. This ensures the reliability and innovative technology of BoaCompra’s platform, a robust system prepared to handle any type of transaction with maximum security and speed.

In addition to all this, BoaCompra ensures an easy way to send values to headquarters abroad in a secure, unbureaucratic and efficient manner, being an excellent option for worldwide merchants that want to sell in Brazil and receive in their own country and currency.

Learn more about our the potential, the trends, and the challenges of selling digital goods in Brazil and how to expand your business in our exclusive guide:

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