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B2B Events – A Powerful Tool for Business
By Daniele Godoi, Product Marketing
B2B Events – A Powerful Tool for Business

In 2018, with most of communication being performed online and interactions face-to-face being replaced by online tools to get the results as fast as possible, can the industry events still be considered part of a powerful B2B Strategy for doing business and get results? The answer is yes.

Events not only allow multiple contact points to expose your brand, products, solutions, but also helps to promote opportunities like meeting your clients or prospects personally. You can start or keep building a strong relationship among brands and clients, offering the best experience of your solution or product in real time. A personalized treatment with quick interaction can increase your chances to start doing business.

Usually, the process of communicating in corporate events starts with a brainstorming with the marketing and sales team. Joining forces and expertise, a communication strategy is organized to better meet the demands before, during and after the event. This alliance plays a key role in this preparation process. In fact, the sales team works as an “internal client” that provides all the significant information to the marketing team regarding new verticals, industry numbers, trends and even the right pitch.

In this scenario, marketing department plays a key role connecting all the dots of an integrated communication and it works to create and share relevant content aligned with the brand´s strategy. The main goal is to empower the company’s products and/or solutions in a meaningful way and make sure that they reach the right audience.

Your business can be a part of these events as an attendee, as one of the speakers or by having a dedicated structure for your company (such as a booth). There are a lot of elements that can assure brand exposure, even when we are talking about post-event communication. All the efforts from marketing professionals are intended to support the sales team in attracting clients.

Events also provide the opportunity for both brands and clients to get to know each other on the spot: meeting in person, giving “faces” to the names in the e-mails exchange, sharing company’s expertise and experiences, also exploring innovative solutions.

Most industries have a world strategy well aligned with marketing and sales team with events roadmap, where opportunities to meet Fintechs rise and the knowledge and experience exchange happens personally. This wouldn’t be different with Payments Industries as well. Face-to-face sales team can offer a real time perspective of their products, demos for the best client’s experience with local payments, simulating taxes conversions, and allow merchants who are interested in emerging markets expand their businesses trying some solutions in real time.

The most important factor that makes B2B events a successful tool when it comes to boosting your business is the fact that they are great and significant source of leads. Your team will get the chance to reach these news leads in person, quickly understand their needs and to offer the right solution.

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